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‣ Meet Client
‣ Discuss Ideas
‣ Evaluate Landscape
‣ Test Soil Conditions
‣ Inventory Trees & Plants
‣ Develop Concept
‣ Site Plans
‣ Planting Plans
‣ Elevation Plans
‣ 3-D Imaging
‣ Approve Design
‣ Oversee Installation

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Landscape Consultation

Carney Tree & Landscape provides pre-construction planning to preserve existing vegetation on new or established sites. Our goals include minimizing soil compaction, reducing root damage and reducing scarring of tree trunks. When necessary we work closely with soil labs to provide a complete diagnoses of soil ph and nutrients.

Our consultation services set us apart from other firms: creating simple, or detailed, plant inventories and management plans. Plant evaluations that can be used for determining monetary value and can also provide insurance companies with necessary information on present or future claims.

Before: existing patio, lawn and landscape.

After: new stone patio, stone wall, grading of soil, hydroseed lawn, with transplanted trees and shrubs.