Specialized services include...

 Outdoor Living Spaces
‣ Shrub Planting, Transplanting and Maintenance
‣ Tree Moving and Maintenance
‣ Lawn Installation and Maintenance
‣ Stone Walls, Walkways and Patios
‣ Firepits and Fireplaces
‣ Water Features
‣ Outdoor Kitchens
‣ Decks and Fences
‣ Irrigation Systems
‣ Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape Designer

Our design process begins with an initial meeting to discuss the clients needs. We evaluate your space and then we determine which design process to take. We follow that up with an agreement to proceed. Before we begin our design, we put a base plan together which includes taking measurements of the property and plotting the locations of the house and other structures, trees, plants, and existing hardscapes. We also take into consideration the topography, the wind conditions, the sun angles, the views in and out, noise levels and drainage. In some cases a number of different concepts are developed in order to give the client more than one plan to choose from. At this point a rough cost projection can be determined. Upon approval of a concept design and a proposed budget, the final design can be created.

Our team of landscape craftsmen and designers work closely to make sure the original concept is reflected in the completed project. We take great pride in our teams ability to construct the highest quality projects. Though most techniques are hidden under the finished product, our clients realize over time how important they were to the integrity and durability of the project. By selecting the highest quality construction and plant materials available, we are able to blend the new project with the existing landscape.

To help visualize your landscape, we offer: site plans, plan rendering and 3-D imaging.